Profound Clarity and Healing for Dogs and Their People

We can work together no matter where you are in the world.

For conscious companions who:

value their relationship–body, mind, and spirit.

want not only to solve behavior issues

but also to reach a deep understanding

and collaboration with the Hidden Truths

about the nature, lessons, and gifts of this

once-in-a-lifetime journey with their dog. 

Did you know that you and your dog were drawn together with a magnetic pull? You synch up as two beings on a mutual path. Even if you are beyond frustrated and flummoxed by your dog’s behavior or health issues, a shared key to healing is hidden there.

The thing you share is a similar wound.

From puppies . . .

What you will discover when you work with me is the core magnetic shared wound that initially formed the connection between you and your dog. So many things will suddenly make sense.

When this core wound is revealed, healing comes naturally as the next step. Repatterned behaviors follow with a few new practices.

When communicating with your dog, I will go deeper than the physical survival level. I will translate your dog’s direct messages on all four levels:

Survival, Emotional, Relational, and Spiritual.

You will finally understand why the two of you have formed this connection. The shift will happen at the root, so the beneficial results can be smoother and permanent.

. . . to dogs in spirit.

When you work with me, you and your dog will benefit from my unique system:


My two-stage system for understanding, solution-finding, and healing with your canine companion.

Stage One: REVEAL
Maps the elements of your Blueprint

  1. Shared Wound — uncovers the secret wound that drew you together.
  2. Healing Connection — looks at your health resonance and healing opportunities.
  3. Relational Connection — discerns your boundary strengths and those in need of repair.
  4. Spatial Connection — brings to light the energetic atmosphere of your home and what you may call your land.

Stage Two: HEAL
Harmonizes the elements of your Blueprint

  1. Communication — gives you clarity with messages directly from your dog.
  2. Acceptance — supports you with compassionate and safe space.
  3. Energy Healing — lightens your environment and invites healthy energy flow in your bodies.
  4. Guidance — empowers you with customized practices that foster balance.
So much more than the typical animal intuitive session. Shannon peeled back the hidden layers of my connection with my dog, Lucy, and revealed the true nature, beauty, and even challenges of our relationship at the soul level, the physical health level, and the emotional relationship level. She was accurate and kind the whole way through. She gave us both direct healing that I could feel, along with a plan so I know how to support and heal Lucy, and also myself. Feels amazing!

I’ve been working with dogs and coaching people with dogs for well over 30 years as an animal communicator, a positive reinforcement trainer, a behavior consultant, a foster home for many challenging “last chance” dogs, and a teacher of humans on all things dog. I am a licensed Whole Energy Body Balance practitioner of energy healing with a special feel for balancing the complex energies of abandoned dogs. I work with many other animals besides dogs, especially horses, parrots, and cats. Visit the About page for more information about me and my qualifications.

If working with me feels right to you, schedule an appointment and let’s begin understanding, solution-finding, and healing with your beloved dog.