Who: This is a good option for issues that show up as behavior or health challenges in living dogs. We’ll get to the root of the imbalance. We can also connect with dogs who were close to you in life, but are no longer living.

What: You will come away from this session with a deeper understanding of the issues as well as action items toward solving those issues. Depending on your needs, energy healing can be included in this session.

Where: The usual meeting place is on Zoom. Using your camera is optional. If you are not able to use the internet to meet, you can use one of the Zoom call-in phone numbers to connect.

How long: Sessions are scheduled at 60 minutes long, but are not charged by the minute. Please relax and know that if it takes a few more minutes to feel complete, that is okay. It is also possible that we may be complete in less time. If you have a complex situation involving three or more companion animals, you will need to book an extended 120-minute session.

Follow-up: I will record our Zoom session and send a link to you to download the audio file. I will also email my notes to you with any links, instructions, or further explanations that were promised during our session. 

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If meeting live with voice and sound is not possible for you, a session via email is available. Sessions via email are more time- and labor-intensive for me, so the price reflects this. Click the button below for email sessions.