Intertwined Energies

Intertwined Energies

Uncover what your animal companion is trying to tell you.

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man communing with cat

You may have heard that your animal companion can be a mirror for something in you.

It sounds like it might be easy to identify what a behavioral, emotional, or physical issue in your dog or cat could be mirroring in you. But it’s usually deeper than you think.

It’s difficult for most people to identify, on their own, exactly what their animal friend is mirroring.

That it’s necessary for this energy to be reflected by your animal companion means that it’s an energy you are not consciously aware of or it’s something you haven’t given yourself the space to deal with.

Call it a shadow.

Shadows, by the way, are not “bad.” Also, many of us shove our gifts, talents, and purpose into the shadows,.

Together, you and I can illuminate the shadows.
We can transform your animal friend’s issues.
And, if you are willing, you will also be transformed.

I guide people to healing along with their animal companions. I am an animal communicator and energy healing practitioner. I have shifted my own energies so many times as I’ve been guided by my dogs. Sometimes it took me years to see it. With me on your team, it won’t take you nearly that long!

I have many years of experience and education as a positive reinforcement dog trainer and behavior consultant. Behavior is simply an attempt to meet a need.

In our sessions together, we will focus on the needs behind the behaviors and the emotional and spiritual dimensions of your animal friend’s physical issues. Surprising revelations often come through from your dog or cat in these sessions. We can get to the root of what your dog or cat may be mirroring for you.

I create a compassionate space where you can bring whatever you feel and whatever is actually real for you. All of your feelings are welcome here.

Because we are going deeper than simple information gathering, as in the average animal communication session, this program holds you with care for four weeks.
We’ll commune with your dog or cat.
You will be heard, seen, felt, and understood.
I’ll also bring in other messages from sources around you.

We can meet via video conference so we can work together no matter where you are in the world.

If this feels right for you, see below for more details and to schedule a free Initial Consultation.

Program Details

Week 1: 90-minute session, with a 30-minute check-in a few days later.
Week 2: 60-minute session, with customized energy balancing exercises for you
Week 3: 60-minute session, with customized energy balancing exercises for you
Week 4: 90-minute session

These sessions are individualized for you and your needs.
Sessions are conducted on Zoom. They will be recorded and you will be given a link to temporary cloud storage from which you can download them.

The cost for this program is only $500 so I can support you in one loving container.
The per-session value is over $800, giving you a savings of over $300.

Payment can be made via credit card. Or you may request a PayPal invoice if you want to use your eligible PayPal Credit account to pay over six months with no interest.

CLICK HERE to schedule a free 30-minute Initial Consultation to ask any questions about the program and decide if we are a good fit for your healing journey with your animal friend. Be aware that the Initial Consultation may not include communication with your animal companion.

I’m looking forward to sharing time with you and your animal friend!