Frequently Asked Questions

Lost companion animals

I do not currently work professionally on lost animal cases. I recommend Tim Link for an email consultation to help find your lost animal. Note that he is in demand due to his success rate in finding lost animals. Click here to go to Tim Link’s lost animals page.

Can you connect to animal companions who have passed?


Can you help me with my horse / cat / bird / etc. like you help with dogs?


Can you diagnose my dog’s health issue?

Remember that I do not diagnose. While I offer energy healing, I do not offer veterinary or other licensed, professional health treatment.

How to prepare for our session

You may want to be prepared to take a few notes. You will receive an audio recording of our Zoom session. But many people find it helpful to jot down things that really stand out to them in our session. Also, sometimes information comes through in our sessions that doesn’t immediately resonate (“Um, I don’t remember any cuddly farm dog.”), but will pop into your head later (“Oh, right, my favorite stuffed animal when I was a kid! He was a dog wearing overalls named Farmer Cuddles!”). Looking in your notes for that question mark may be faster than replaying the audio file.

Download and install Zoom beforehand. Test your mic and camera. A wired ethernet connection tends to be more reliable than Wi-Fi. If your internet connection is poor, we can often turn off the video to improve our audio connection. If an internet connection is unavailable or unreliable, tell me so on the intake form and I will make sure you get the phone numbers for a call-in connection to Zoom.

Insist on uninterrupted time in a quiet place for yourself so we can have a high-quality session. It’s best if you are not rushing around before our session and distracted during it, but no worries if that happens. We’ll glide through some grounding exercises that will help you relax.

Cancelation policy

While I realize that emergencies do happen, notification of cancelation is required 48 hours in advance so there is time for another person to benefit from your open time slot. Notify me as soon as you can by clicking on the Change / Cancel Appointment link in the confirmation email you received when you made your appointment. You will be able to easily reschedule this way. If you did not keep your confirmation email or reminder email with the links, send an email to me directly and we’ll work it out.

Refund policy

If you completed an appointment cancelation at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment and cannot reschedule, of course you will receive a full refund should you request one. 

Have more questions before you schedule an appointment?

Feel free to send an email to me by using the contact form for any further questions.

Free 15-minute exploratory call

If you’re still not sure whether you and I are a match for animal communication sessions, I offer a free 15-minute exploratory telephone call for people who reside in the United States, Canada, or Mexico. I will call you. Ask whatever questions you still have and you can decide whether a session would be beneficial to you. Click here to schedule.


The intuitive readings and interspecies communication services provided by Shannon Waters are for informational purposes only and are at no time a substitute for licensed medical, veterinary, or psychological diagnosis, treatment, or advice.