Journey Through Grief

Journey Through Grief
Lighten the suffering and guilt.

You don’t want to travel the grief journey alone. And you don’t have to.

The journey is individual, but it is easier when shared with a compassionate soul who hears you, sees you, feels you, and understands you.

Being accompanied by a gentle guide who can also communicate with your beloved dog on the other side adds an extra dimension of healing. Your questions about their last days and current state can actually be answered.

I have traveled this journey many dozens of times and in that many ways. While I have training in grief support, what taught me how to travel without so much suffering is my experience with my many beloveds in the last days of being in their bodies and the life after they leave their bodies. In the muck and gravel of grief, beauty also exists.

Understand that grief is not a problem to be solved. It is a journey that is calling you to take those steps toward transformation. Feelings insist on being felt. Repressing and bypassing them will, in one way or another, make you sick.

All of your feelings are welcome here. Yes, even the anger.
We’ll address any guilt you may be carrying.
We’ll clear the stories that accompany and complicate the grief.
We’ll transform the energy patterns that cause suffering.
This allows the love to remain.
This allows an honest appreciation of the being your dog was in their body.
This allows an authentic celebration of the life you shared and the love you still share.

The enormity of grief cannot be softened in a once-and-done session. I offer a very supportive 4-week container just for you to ease you on your way. Know that my program offers a softening of grief and heart-centered ways to travel lighter. It does not end in “no grief.” The journey continues, and it can be navigated with less suffering.

You don’t have to be alone in your grief.
You don’t have to be “finished” on anyone else’s timetable.
You don’t have to apologize for your feelings.

Whether your dog has just died or you are still painfully affected by the loss of a dog in the past, I am here for you.

Journey Through Grief Program Details

Grief is praise, because it is the natural way love honors what it misses. Martin Prechtel quote

Week 1: 90-minute session, with a 30-minute check-in a few days later.
Week 2: 60-minute session, with easy and customized energy balancing exercises
Week 3: 60-minute session, with easy and customized energy balancing exercises
Week 4: 90-minute session

These sessions are individualized for you and your needs, wherever you are on this journey.
Sessions are conducted on Zoom. They will be recorded and you will be given a link to a temporary storage from which you can download them.

What’s included in this program would be $825 if you were paying per session.
The cost for this program is only $600 so I can support you in one loving container.
This can easily be broken into two payments of $300, if needed.

Limited spaces available.

CLICK HERE to schedule a free 30-minute Initial Consultation to ask any questions about the program and decide if we are a good fit for healing on your journey through grief. Be aware that the Initial Consultation does not include communication with your dog.

If you are new to my work, CLICK HERE for a little more about me, Shannon Waters.